Give My Regards to Broadchurch


PaulFair warning: this episode is going to bum you out, and I’m profoundly sorry for that. I wish more than anything that I wasn’t posting this; in fact, I thought for a long while about not posting it, and letting you all remain blissfully ignorant. But the consensus among people I love and respect is that you all deserve to be told, so I’m telling you.


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  1. James…

    This was a gut punch. I was sad that I hadn’t heard from the two of you (or three, counting your lovely wife) in so long, but I assumed that you had all moved on and I was fine with that. I am heartbroken knowing that I won’t hear that banter between you and Paul again. You two were friends that I never got to hang with in person, but I felt like if we did ever meet that we would be the best of friends in no time. I know that I’m not alone in that thought. Sending thoughts to you from San Diego, my friend.

    Josh Oderlin

  2. So sorry to hear about Paul. We just lost a close friend yesterday, who had been on a downward cancer spiral for months (if not years). Either way, the loss of a close friend is always too soon, too sad and completely inexplicable. It makes us better appreciate those around us in a way. And it always makes us pine for the things we could have done or said that we wish we had done. Life does go on and we are always enriched by those who were close to us. May the good memories stay with you – ever.

  3. Dear Jenn and James…… that truly was a labour of love. We feel – and share – your pain.

    We were very fortunate to have spent happy times with Paul, and are grateful that his sharp wit and “outstanding” verbal dexterity lives on in the shows. As Richard says, may the good memories stay with you – always.

  4. Hi James and Jennifer,

    We downloaded and listened to your news last Monday about Paul. We’re both very grateful that you did post it. It is easy to tell that Paul was your best friend, and that’s a huge part of what made you so fun to hang out with as we sat parked on the 210 (or wherever). After Chanel and I wiped away the tears and stared at each other for a bit, I was trying to figure out how to respond, and it took a week to come up with this. We just really wanted to let you know that we’re so very sorry for your loss. You guys made us laugh like crazy. Thanks to you and Paul for sharing your friendship, humour and intelligence with us. And yes, I honour you (and Paul) with the correct spelling of humour. And honour.

    It’s kind of odd, but you all feel like family, in a podcasty-metaphorical but still huggy-familiar way. And I think of those of us who have become addicted to your podcast as extended family (in a good way).

    If you feel up to getting together at some point and raising a glass to Johnson, let us know. We’ve been toasting him all week, and have no plans to stop.

    Take care, and thank you for all you’ve shared.

    – The Friesens

    • Hi Jeff. Thanks. We’re slowly getting used to the idea that he’s not around anymore. I also toast him occasionally, with Jim Beam Apple, which would annoy him a lot 😉 but what can I say? I like the flavour(!)

  5. What a bummer! You and Johnson made a great pair. That duo will never be re-created again.

    At times like these, we often tell stories about the departed. My thought was how he so flagrantly (and with your support James) castigated me “on the air” for not knowing who Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grubb were. Somehow they and he go together in my mind. What a character he was!

    I’m glad you told us about the loss and thanks to your wife for stepping in.But, the show must go on, but only if you feel like it. Be like Live with Kelley and try out guest hosts for the next year or two.

    Cheers to you all.

    • Hi John. The show will, in all likelihood, go on (at some point.) Been listening to some old shows, and yeah, the lad was good. Just not at driving. Hm. Too soon?

  6. Hello Jennifer and James,
    Just listened to the sad, sad news. I can only join the others in their sentiments, which they expressed so well. I will especially miss Paul’s irreverence.Let’s remember him always, And I do hope that you’ll continue, perhaps with greater pauses, in good time. In any case, I’ll continue sending stuff. And now I’ll hang my AngloAmerian flag at half mast.
    Hugs and sympathy from Hamburg.

  7. This is such a beautiful tribute and so well done. I can hear how hard it was for both of you so thank you both for doing such a cracking job for such a cracking bloke.

  8. Just found out about this, and I’m devastated for you both, and anyone who loved the playful interaction Paul had with anyone from across the pond. This is the show I stockpiled for days when my chronic illnesses had me down and depressed.

    Without fail, Paul would make me laugh out loud (even when it hurt to laugh). I still have a few saved for rainy days, and I will cherish each one, although I am sure they will bring a bittersweet response and much Kleenex will need to be stockpiled.

    Thanks for making the world a little brighter while you were in it, Paul. And thanks for creating a magical show, James.

    • Hi Daniele. Humbled by your lovely message. I’ve been listening to some old shows myself, as they always make me forget, for a little while, that he’s not around anymore. It will be difficult (initially at least) to do new shows without him, but I fully intend to do that in the future. Not exactly sure when — hopefully soon. Much love, JBVL.

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