nutellaSee? We’re just like London buses: you wait for ages, and then two come along at once. This week, we discuss my m(o)ustache discoveries, and then (after a rude interruption) we talk about chocolate hazelnoot spread. Then, I lecture Johnson on a glaring disparity in the film The Great Escape, which leads us onto the subject of Dunkirk – something most Americans know nothing about (but soon will after it gets the Christopher Nolan treatment.) Link to the trailer here.

4 thoughts on “Nootella?

  1. Herself ate huge volumes of “noo-tella” on her Xmas-morning crepes! We “toasted” a crepe to you guys. May your ’17 be fantastic.

  2. Missing you lot. And missing you lots. See what I did there 😉
    Avid fan, not wanting to put the pressure on. Until now. I hope you’re all healthy and well. Sending love. Sorry it took not hearing from you to ever hear from me!

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