LylesGoldenSyrupGroveling apologies for the gap between episodes, but that should make this one all the more sweet! Ha! Heh! Ahem. Anyway. This week, we discuss molasses, treacle, and the unfortunate slave-trade that brought us both. Later, Sam takes the quiz and tries to guess what a “sand dollar” is without being racist.

Oh: here’s Norman Collier doing that thing he did. Yeah.

3 thoughts on “Treacle!

  1. My dear old Gran used to talk about “treacle”. I just thought it was a funny word, but had no idea what it was. Now I am so much wiser! Thanks guys.

    Last stop was Muhammad Ali, making it early June-ish. I dread the next stop: “Keep Calm and Brexit”. May you skip right over it and pretend it never happened. Life is easier that way…

  2. Hi!

    In answer to your question, James, I used black treacle in Christmas and birthday cakes, and Golden Syrup in flapjacks. Delish!

    I don’t think we had a pantry, as such – we would have called it the larder?

    Spooned the treacle directly from the tin did you?! I’m learning a lot about what you and your brother got up to while I wasn’t looking! But you are both too big – and, sadly, too far away for me to smack your bottoms now!! So you are forgiven.

    Much love,


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