Actually, There Are Lots Of Spoons


SpoonBoyThis episode, we inadvertently enter the wacky realm of spoons, which aren’t just for drugs anymore. Then we hear some listener mail from Raphael, Chris Morris, Jochen and Jeff – everything from disappearing black people to Johnson’s accidental outing. Then, we learn about Cel-Ray Soda, which has the power to divide entire continents.

Mentioned: disappearing black people from the Star Wars and Couple’s Retreat posters.

2 thoughts on “Actually, There Are Lots Of Spoons

  1. Hold up. Did Johnson just label the east coast as ridiculous? I don’t know about that. I’ve lived on the east coast my whole life and never once come across a biodegradable spoon. I think maybe he’s got it backwards. Need more proof? Kale soda. ‘Nuff said.
    Loved the show otherwise.

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