Did I Mention I’m Sick?


$(KGrHqZ,!hgE7k4SFmbTBPFwMKvQHw~~60_35A shorter than usual show this week, because I was, well, not well. But it’s still a good one: we talk about the Scottish referendum result, and get letters from listeners Amy and LaToya. Amy talks about how the “ABC song” doesn’t work when sung the British way (and it’s hard to argue.) LaToya chats about London, flags, and haggis. Then I go and lie down, because, did I mention I’m sick?

Oh, here’s Toyah Willcox, even worse than I remember.

Chocolate and Jesus


british-easter-eggsEaster for the Christians, passover for the Jews, chocolate for everyone! We talk about all three of those things, plus Stephen Fry’s spider bite and why it’s only hooman to say Jagwar. Yeah. Later, Jordan takes the quiz, getting agita from schlepping a po’ boy to the bayou, while Johnson gets chivvied into getting a slapper up the duff. Is it Thursday already?