Tilted Kilts, Alphabetti Spaghetti


ARSEThis week we discuss “The Tilted Kilt,” a pub, eatery and affront to Celts everywhere. Then we ponder why time itself is pretending to be Irish, which gets us onto Will-o-the-Wisp. Then we chat about gobstoppers vs jawbreakers, and why Alphabetti Spaghetti (much to my chagrin) shouldn’t be called that, which leads to the story of a British manufacturer of Italian food telling its customers to avoid its products. Finally, some listener mail from John Killey about bears, both Teddy and Pooh.

Some links to things discussed: the Willo The Wisp cartoon, the wiki pasta shapes page, the BBC Dolmio article, the tombola quiz show, and Johnson’s Bluebird Facebook page.

Did I Mention I’m Sick?


$(KGrHqZ,!hgE7k4SFmbTBPFwMKvQHw~~60_35A shorter than usual show this week, because I was, well, not well. But it’s still a good one: we talk about the Scottish referendum result, and get letters from listeners Amy and LaToya. Amy talks about how the “ABC song” doesn’t work when sung the British way (and it’s hard to argue.) LaToya chats about London, flags, and haggis. Then I go and lie down, because, did I mention I’m sick?

Oh, here’s Toyah Willcox, even worse than I remember.

Whatever, Scotland


1280px-Flag_of_Scotland_(navy_blue).svgInevitably, this week we discuss Scottish independence, which at time of posting is still undecided. We talk about how sad it’ll be, and how it’ll ruin the lovely British flag. Then we dip into the Ed Files to discuss some U.S. products banned in other countries (everything from lipstick to hairstyles) and then some foreign products banned in the U.S. (including haggis. That’s right, Scotland, nobody wants your bloody haggis. Good luck running an economy on haggis! Okay, I’m done.)

John Logie Baird (And Boo Boo)


JLBA vaguely Scottish theme this week: We discuss the “reality” show called “I Wanna Marry Harry,” and then hear from a listener about an unforgivable mispronunciation of a pretty common name. Then we learn the relationship between condoms and comedy Scottish hats, talk about some more zee/zed confusion, and hear about a kids’ handicraft that gave its name to a cartoon character. Later, Sam returns for the quiz and tries to guess what a “Maine Coon” is, while Johnson needs to “spend a penny.”

Some links to things we mention: Scottish Star Trek, Z. Cavericci pants, Scoubidou.