Soda Sommeliers!


TizerThis week, I make Johnson try various British sodas, and along the way we learn about e-numbers, tidy man and dwarf suicide. Then, we compare Captain Birdseye and the Gorton’s Fisherman to see who’s better at selling fish and shagging mums. Then we open some listener mail from Raphael, Carol, Lindsay, Gary and Jeff – most of whom nag me about posting shows more often. Tch!

Links: the tizer ad, the two Irn-Bru ads here and here, the two Bird’s Eye fish finger ads here and here, the two Gorton’s ads here and here, the Milton Keynes Pancake Day article, and the Dump Meals photo. Phew!

5 thoughts on “Soda Sommeliers!

  1. A Blue Button! Wow! So show is not going bi-monthly?
    You did a Soda Sommelier show and didn’t do Dr Brown Cel-Rey soda. from the correct side of the Atlantic?

    yearning in Seattle for the return to the weekly podcast.

  2. Looked up “bi-monthly,” because I wasn’t sure if it meant twice a month or every two months, and apparently both are correct. So I’m off the hook either way.

    Looked up Cel-Ray soda. Horrified that such a thing exists, but oddly still want to try it.


  3. Poor Ftumch! And his mate, Orgo (as I recall). It’s a long time since the Young Ones has popped up in conversation. That’s why we need semi-bi-monthly-trans-weekly episodes. But no pressure, though – honestly. Get’em out as you can – no point making something that’s so much fun all stressful and ulcer-inducing. Cheers!

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