Dandelion & Burdock


DandBA packed show this week! Firstly, we have a guest called Patti, so I explain why I have trouble saying her name. Then I show off my “black man’s pinch,” which gets us into the wacky world of soft drinks. Then I prove that America was, in fact, named after an Englishman, which leads us to play a round of “Panama Canal – The Price Is Right.” Then we discuss dustmen, dustcarts, dustbins and in short, all things dust. Then Jochen writes in about Tommies and Jerries, and finally we moan about Domnhall Gleeson being in bloody everything these days. Enjoy! Oh: The baby Bee-Gees singing about dustmen are here.

Future Sex Math


FutureSexMathPosterThis week, an extremely late but packed episode! First we hear about some recent problems I had with my caulk (ooer), and then listeners John Killey, Randy, Ed and Raphael get in touch about everything from Babycham to the Queen, via my mum’s sexy voice. Then┬áLily takes the quiz and tries to guess what “rumspringa” is, while Johnson has a go at “bum fluff” – all followed by the most gripping game of rock-paper-scissors ever recorded. Happy birthday, Lil!

Some links mentioned: the SNL caulk sketch, and our own minced oath episode from yonks ago.