Have A Meowy Catmas


LilRyanXmasIt’s Christmas, which means it’s time for Johnson and I to pull crackers again (with predictable results.) Then we chat about something Americans don’t have (“specterly locomotives”) and dig into some listener mail from Raphael, Ed Lee, John Killey and Mollie Bowling. Then, at long last, Jon takes the quiz and tries to figure out what “Old Glory” is, while Johnson samples “Babycham.” See you next year, everyone!

Links: Mollie’s Isle of Man Internment Camp page, and the Babycham commercial.

I See London, I See France


YFrontsA short and embarrassingly late episode (there’s another one coming right behind it though) in which we discuss the difference (if any) between icing and frosting – and likewise britches and breeches. Then we dip into the Ed Files to hear a report about the origins of the Australian accent, and talk more about the mysterious Isle of Man, and what happened if you crashed your plane in Ireland during WWII. Links: Ed’s Aussie article, and (for the 8 people who haven’t seen it) the SNL cowbell sketch.