999 Letsby Avenue


DixonThis episode, my wife steps in to chat about the Queen’s big milestone, and what “knocking someone up” and “going potty” mean in the UK. Then I explain “999 Letsby Avenue” and other jokes that only Brits understand, and listener John Killey writes in, which gets us into motorcycle racing and cats without tails.

Oh: here’s the Isle of Man TT footage we were watching …

One Each End And Steady As We Go


bernard-cribbins-right-said-fred-his-masters-voiceThis week, Johnson tries a “Crunchie” to resolve last episode’s important honeycomb story. Then, we talk about companies in American films that may or may not have been real, and I confess to a childhood mispronunciation. Then I educate Americans on the origins of “Right Said Fred,” and Johnson ruins it for everyone. Then we talk about kid acronyms, and get letters from listeners Jeff Crick and Mack Pitchford.

Links to things mentioned: the Malteser ad, Right Said Fred (sexy) and Right Said Fred (not sexy), Jeff’s cockney rhyming slang article, the Bobby McFerrin thing, and of course Johnson’s beer blog.