The Art Of Blending In


how_not_to_be_seenThis week, Jamie Foxxx(xx?) gets us into the wacky world of stage names, where we learn the difference between Marion Morrison and Maurice Micklewhite. Then we discuss the Hokey Cokey (or Pokey), and get a letter from Mack and Alistair in Canada. Then we dip into the Ed Files to learn some tips on doing an authentic southern accent, and swap stories of how we tried to blend in.

Some links to things mentioned: the Hokey Cokey video is here, and the Ed Files video is here.

4 thoughts on “The Art Of Blending In

  1. Chameleons, most of us….not an affectation – just a basic need to be accepted. The trick is to do that, while retaining your individuality… be in with the crowd, but still be unique… and genuine. Xx

  2. Americans actually picked up fork switching from the French in the 18th century, presumably while New England goodwives were trying to impress the comrades of the Marquis de Lafayette by boiling whole frogs.

    We hung on to the custom even as it died out in Europe. Which is maybe why it never made it to Canada.

    But apparently fork switching is on its way out. See

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