The One-Drop Rule


MochaMixThis week, Johnson hijacks the show; firstly with something called “Periscope” that, apparently, those crazy kids are into. And later, after me griping about how everyone gets me name wrong, and some chat about silly things we said and did as kids, he weighs in on the Rachel Dolezal story which was breaking at the time.

Some links: the Colbert thing is here, the awkward Dolezal interview is here (some before-and-after pictures here and here.)

Johnson Tubes Your Cave


2BelizeBucksVery, ridiculously late with this one, but finally, we get to hear the Belize trip debrief. Caves! Cash! Crabs! Crashes! This episode has them all. Then we chat about the fall of the British empire, and how we magnanimously gave all those countries back, minus anywhere nice. Then I lament the end of the football season, and we discuss soccer’s popularity (or lack thereof) in the USA, and whether or not we’re sexist gits.