These Go To (Legs) 11


OneLouderThis week, I prove that, though they don’t know it, most Americans have heard the voice of one Magnus Pyke. Then we chat about some conspicuously British Bingo calls, and something in British newspapers called “Spot The Ball.” Then, I read a nice email from my big brother, in which his podcast listening lands him in trouble.

Links to things mentioned: Lenny Henry‘s impression of David Bellamy, the actual David Bellamy, the Thomas Dolby video, Spinal Tap going to 11, the Spot The Ball for all those who want to play too, and oh my, Danny La Rue.

Guns and Hair Pins


This week, we talk about Barettaour recent one-hour jet lag, and I frighten Americans by telling them it’s Mother’s Day. Then, I play a clip of someone trying to identify individual members of the Jackson 5 using only European culture references. Then we talk about how Americans don’t know about the Goon Show, despite one of its members being really famous. Later, my mum takes the quiz, and violence ensues with pins, guns, wellington boots and Robert Blake.

Some links to things mentioned: the always great Danny Baker show, the late, great Leonard Rossiter, the conspicuously white Steptoe and Son, and the Goon Show.