Like A Diamante Cowboy


RhinestoneCowboyThis week, a letter from our Kansas chum Jeff gets us arguing over who should be allowed to call their sport “football.” Then, I give Johnson chocolate spiked with something, and share one of my famous (and slightly stupid) observations, this time about large paper clips. Beth gets in touch, with a story from the UK involving donuts and white supremacy, and finally Cocker takes the quiz, which leads to everything from cheesy snacks to Kiefer Sutherland.

Some links to things we talk about: the Sudeikis stuff (in case you missed it), the Glenn Campbell video, the B.A. Robertson song, and the Tommy Boy bit.

Mail Enhancement


Stamp_British_Honduras_1895_10cThis week, we talk about Black History Month — what it used to be called, and which month they went with in the UK. Then we discuss the latest British chocolate drama, and read some mail from the listeners: Ed criticizes my pronunciation, Rebecca talks about Twizzlers and Red Vines, Ron reminisces about kids’ games, Jochen worries about Johnson’s well-being, and Beth delivers her undies homework. Thanks to all our correspondents for making the show better!