Let’s Talk Dangly Things


A packed episode this week: First, we talk about the “New” versions of lots of places, then I confess to over-thinking the way to say a colleague’s name. Then, I compare the British “Wagon Wheel” to the American “Moon Pie.” This leads to the Creme Egg fuss currently going on, and the introduction of the Starbucks “Flat White.” Finally, we address the confusion in the U.S. about the names of cable cars (or trams, or gondolas, or sky carts, or whatever the hell they are.)

Some links: the gaming video we watch is here, and the Starbucks “Flat White” commercial is here (and tell me that doesn’t look delicious!)

We’re 100!


100It’s our 100th episode, and Johnson celebrates by becoming a woman! Not really, but he does have more holes in him than he used to. We discuss what Brits call “styrofoam,” which gets us onto the Stylophone, a kid’s toy endorsed by a convicted paedophile. Then, listener Irene asks us for names like hers that are pronounced differently in each country, and finally we learn about “backronyms.”

Thanks for listening these last 100 episodes, and for your continued support! Some links to things we mention: the Rolf Harris “Stylophone” ad, and the clip of Tony Hancock with Irene Handl.

The Future Is Now!


MartySeriously, look at the size of that television! And you can hang it on the wall! Yes, it’s 2015, so we take the opportunity to discuss which predictions in “Back To The Future 2” came true, and which they got horribly wrong. Then we discuss an important link between (The Artist Formerly Known As) Prince and Tonka Toys. Finally, Beth Kent gets in touch to fill us in on Red Vines and Twizzlers, and we, in exchange, give her some homework.

Some links to things we mention: Michael J. Fox as he should look now, the Dave Chappelle/Charlie Murphy Prince thing, and the public information film on British currency decimalisation.