Happy Yorksgiving


PudsIt’s Thanksgiving week, and them’s my wife’s first ever attempt at Yorkshire Pud. Not bad, eh? We also chat about Sirie’s confusion about the Home Depot, and dissect the 1960 Max Bygraves song “Fings Ain’t What They Used To Be,” which brings up everything from Teddy boys to trams to Morecambe & Wise. Happy Yanksgiving, everyone!

Some links to things mentioned: the Max Bygraves song itself, plus the evocative music video to “Come Dancing” by the Kinks, and some Morecambe & Wise.

Englathonocalypseborough 2014!


ENGSorry again for the delay in posting, but here it is: the big post-trip debrief. We talk about what a great time we had, plus cabbies, toilets, clocks, road safety, pumpkins, toilets, coffee, toilets, card readers, soccer, disabled access and toilets. Also: toilets!

Photo credit: Paul Johnson, cuz he took the most photos.

French Barbarian Comics


AsterixApologies for the late posting of this show, but as regular listeners will know, we’re in the UK at the moment. In this show, Johnson and I chat about our (then) impending trip, after which the quiz triumphantly returns: Cocker tries to define “Navajo white,” while Johnson has a go at the “coconut shy.” See you when we get back everyone!