Earth, Neutral, Live


plug-originalThis week, Jennifer and I discuss the word “downtown,” after which I complain about how Americans mispronounce the word “voila.” Then I play a clip of “The Young Ones” parodying the TV show “Dallas,” and finally, the Kansas Cricks get in touch to sing the praises of British ingenuity in the field of not getting electrocuted.

The Young Ones clip is here; the British plug clip is here.

Like, Totally Bitchin’


CaliPlateThis week, after hearing Johnson’s harrowing story about his adventures in Mexico, we discuss my huge voltage adaptor (that’s not a euphemism.) Then I reveal that we’re away for the all-important mid-term elections, and then we discuss the cultural impact of the California accent. Finally, I tease a future Kinder Egg event. Watch this space!

Some links to stuff mentioned: the surfer/valley girl slang documentary, the “Valley Girl” song, the Jon Lovitz interview, the SNL “Californians” skit, plus its bloopers.

Phoning It In


Star-Trek-Data-PhoneSorry about this, but I’m shamelessly re-posting our clip show from July of 2013. I’m not even changing the intro, so when I say “out of town” please substitute “a bit poorly and very busy.” It’s a crazy time right now; we have Myrtle’s 98th birthday, the 15-year anniversary party of Jennifer’s business, and of course the big UK trip coming up. Rest assured though, there will be a brand new episode next week!