Snooker and Googlies


SnookerScott’s sitting in for Johnson this week, and I take him on a reluctant dialect journey around the UK. This somehow gets us into the state capitals (real and imagined) and why gridiron is called that. Then we talk about the upcoming Disney cricket-related film “Million Dollar Arm,” which gets us into a terrific Amex ad done by Jerry Seinfeld a while back. Then I explain the complex color-mixing rules of snooker, and finally Jon takes the quiz, trying to guess what “Duck Duck Goose” is, while Scott enjoys some “seaside rock.”

Les Américains Sont Bizarres


8289556-475This week, we finally learn why there is so little blackcurrant in the US, and listener Jochen enlightens us about the real name of the German national anthem. Then, we hear some tips for French people traveling in the USA, everything from firmness of handshake (firm) to when to cut in line (never.) Zut alors!

Oh: the Colbert bit mentioned in the show is here. Seriously, that guy is WHITE.

My Huckleberry Friend


HuckleberryHoundWe open this week’s show talking about our recent (small) earthquake, then hear about a huge example of the French national anthem used in popular culture. Then Johnson tells us what he learned at the Queen Victoria exhibit at the Getty, and we talk about the mystery that is the huckleberry, via 80s television. Later, Johnson takes on Sam (and the entire United Kingdom) in the quiz.