Bill Sez


BillShakeThis week, after briefly discussing the terrible weather Britain is having, we chat about the exchange rate between Scottish and American tooth fairies. Then, we list some surprising phrases in common use that were written by William Shakespeare. Later, my big bro Jon takes the quiz, and tries to guess what a “tagalong” might be, while Johnson sets a new record for going below the waist with his guess for “wetting the baby’s head” (2.3 seconds.)

Couple of links for things mentioned: Billy Bragg’s “Milkman of Human Kindness”, and Homer saying “trampoline” wrong.

And We’re Back


groundhogScott’s sitting in for Johnson this week who’s up a mountain; and following last week’s hiatus, we catch up on the Superbowl final (!) and Groundhog Day, then discuss British people’s aversion to ice. Then we chat about CVS expediting its cigarette disposal, and read some listener mail, most of it disturbing. Then Jordan takes the quiz, and tries to guess what a “menorah” might be, while Scott tries to imagine what a “cricket box” might be for.

Service Interruption

off-air+barsSadly, no show this week. A bunch of reasons which I won’t bore you with, and after much fretting I tried something new which didn’t work out. I can only offer my grovelling apologies and an assurance that we’ll be here next week with more amusing transatlantic minutiae!