Food, Inglorious Food


stargazy-pieThis week, listener Evelyn writes in to chide us about chia, then we talk about American food: the difference between New York, Chicago and California pizza; the politics of donuts; and what’s with chicken & waffles. Later, Martin takes the quiz, and is confused by various French terms that seem to mean completely different things in America. Johnson, meanwhile, tries to guess what “star-gazey pie” is. (Clue: it’s that monstrosity pictured above.)



EdgeThis week, we mention Yom Kippur, which is nothing to do with smoked herrings. Then we discuss the spelling of the word “kebab,” and then shamelessly mention the famous people we’ve met in various ways. Later, Josie calls in to take the quiz, and tries to guess what a “chia pet” is, while Johnson goes “potholing.”

Oh: the Guy Pearce movie we talk about is here.

Native, Um, You Know. People.


822555Bit of a delicate one, this. After discussing how the correct spelling of a crossword answer became a whole thing, we go through a list of native American words in common use, and wonder which ones we should feel guilty about. Later, Sam takes the quiz, trying to guess what a “purple state” could be. Scott, from the place where the onion stinks, then tries to figure out what to do with “Welsh rarebit.” (Note: no rarebits were harmed during the making of this podcast.)

Had to add this: a Fry’s Turkish Delight ad from my youth. So generically middle-eastern. Sand! Scimitar! Snake! It’s got it all.


Don’t Come A-Knockin’


70s-vanWe begin this week’s show by acknowledging the absurdity of Minnie Driver’s name. This gets us onto some stories about my gran, who really liked Ian McShane. Then we go through a list of (sadly) obsolete words, some of which have dirty-sounding names, and almost none of which mean what you think they do. Then, my mum takes a particularly difficult quiz, where she tries to guess the meaning of “The Iditarod.” I know, cruel. Johnson, on the other hand, has a bit of “previous”…