It’s Finally Here!


ThisDudeNo, not that other thing, our latest show! And it’s a royal treat: letters from Beth in Virginia and Jochen in Hamburg, plus another Moment With Myrtle. Then, Tom Neenan calls in to take the quiz, and tries to guess what an “Easy Up” is; Johnson meanwhile tries to figure out what it means to be “sent to Coventry.”

Hold On For One More Day

standbyI know, I just got back from vacation, and already the show’s late? And on top of that, you’ve got a sodding Wilson Phillips song stuck in your head? Well, the show is 90% edited, but I don’t want to rush to get it up it tonight (ooer!) But it’ll be worth waiting for: there’s letters from two listeners, another Moment With Myrtle, and a quiz with a bloke called Tom. So come back in 24 hours and it’ll be here!

Clip Show!


BartPhoneWell, it had to happen eventually: our first clip show. A little trip down memory lane for long-time listeners, and a nice little sampler for newbies (you old-timers should still listen though, because I made a little Johnson montage at the end as a treat for you.) Anyway, enjoy, and normal service etcetera next week!

Let’s All Just Get Along


Patriotic_World_War_2_Poster_US_Allies_EnglandThis week, we talk about Wimbledon champ Andy Murray, and ask why the Holiday Inn is called that. Then we look through a little book called “Instructions for American Servicemen in Britain” from 1942, which was designed to prepare American servicemen for life in the U.K. Later, Pond calls in to take the quiz, and wonders what the “4H Club” is, while Johnson ponders what it means to “come a cropper.”

Happy Birthday, America


4thfireworks1Our July 4th episode! We talk about Johnson’s trip, cats, how British people feel about July 4, how different America might (or might not) have been without the revolutionary war, and all the usual hot dog and firework stuff. Later, Sam calls in to take the quiz, and tries to guess what a “roach coach” is; Johnson tries to figure out what “barmy” means.